FossLook Is a Business Automation Platform

It is a new and easy way to truly automate your business

Better Business Starts With Better Automation

FossLook is a powerful, yet easy to use Business Automation Platform that keeps all aspects of your business together in one place, allowing your entire team to work more efficiently, make smarter decisions and better accomplish your business goals.

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FossLook client workplace on a laptop

Keep All Documents In One Place

FossLook makes it simple to manage all your content like contacts, email, files and folders, documents, attachments, lists of tasks and so on, from one secure location. Now you can keep all valuable information at your fingertips.

Powerful Document Workflows

FossLook allows you to speed up your business processes and reduce manual errors, automate repeatable tasks by creating workflow templates to make them more streamlined, more accurate and less time consuming.

Example of a workflow template in FossLook

Process Visualization

With electronic workflows you can easily visualize your business processes from start to finish. Just create a simple or complex workflow cycle and you can be sure that your important documents won't be lost or buried under paper stacks.

Forget about the messy paper trail and embrace the new way to speed up and track your business activities.

Intuitive And Customizable Interface

Administration console interface

With familiar customization tools, you can tailor the look-and-feel in minutes. Users can create their own personalized view of the documents, folders, workflows, attached files, important filters, and so much more.

How FossLook Works

1. Create Users and Departments

First step is to create a department and users

This is a graphical representation of your company's hierarchical structure.

2. Create Libraries and Documents

Next, create a document libraries and types

Here you create a digital versions of a filing cabinet and paper documents.

3. Share Documents Between Users

Finally, share it with users in your company

Share documents between your employees and you're ready to use the system.

Don't be fooled by the complexity of the document management software: FossLook is actually much easier to use than it seems at first glance. Simply set up the basic functions, and you'll see how much easier it will be to manage your business processes.

Main Features

Those Are Just a Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More...


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