Welcome to FossLook Demo Sandbox

Get behind the wheel!
Experience FossLook right now before downloading the free trial. The FossLook Public Sandbox is a place where you can try the software, test it without the installation hassle. It is not a substitute for a full installation, as the access is shared publicly by all. Here you can explore what your users will see on the client side.

Client view

Work with documents, templates and workflows from user perspective. After login you'll see a set of folders containing sample documents:

Expenses report

Example of the Expenses report that you can create in the program

View document

Additionally, you'll see a set of folders with other documents:

  • Incoming letter
  • Outgoing letter
  • Application form
  • Marketing plan
  • Auto loan agreement
  • Commercial proposition
  • Presentation
  • Probate Assembly

Feel free to work with them in real-time, create, modify, send for approval and much more...

Use the following login credentials:

Login: "kate", "john"
Password: "123"

User Demo
Check out FossLook Youtube channel for screencasts and video tutorials

Want to see some of FossLook's videos?

Head over to the FossLook Official YouTube Channel for screencasts of the application in use and other related videos.

Remember, we are here to help!

If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us. We know how important a well supported product is.

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