Version 7.2


FossLook 7.2 is here! We’re glad to announce that we released new version of FossLook Business Automation Platform.

The new version contains many fixes and improvements to the server and client side.

Digital signature:

  • Added the ability to copy digital signatures when using the document copy function
  • Added quick import call (Ctrl+I), allows you to import without activating the digital signature tab
  • Added the ability to digitally sign a separate file (in the context menu)
  • Advanced settings for IIT provider now available from FossLook client
  • New function "Sending a document signed with digital signature along the route"
  • New user group has been added "The right to delete digital signature records in a document" that can delete their digital signature from documents

Scanning: Added indication of the "Scan and OCR" process to improve user experience.

Mailing:the functionality of the "Mailing" tab has been added to the web client.

Document workflows: ability to block work with personal workflows with access to a separate group of users (group "Operators of personal workflow templates")

Client: the option "Check the validity of the secure connection certificate" has been added to the client (in the connection dialog settings), which allows you to ignore TLS certificate problems

You can download the latest version from our Download page.

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