"Night Nurse" - solution for a medical / healthcare company

Night Nurse - triage care for medical community

The "Night Nurse" solution was developed for the medical / healthcare company "Night Nurse Inc." (USA). The company specializes in delivering triage services for the medical community, serving private practitioners, physicians, clinics, hospitals and educational institutions almost everywhere in the United States.

Over the past few years the number of calls they received increased so much, that the company began looking for a software solution to handle the situation. To help solve this problem, "FOSS Software, Inc" created a software solution that allows dispatchers to record calls from patients at night time and transfer the data to the specialized health care professionals.

The solution is based on the FossLook platform with the addition of some necessary functions like powerful report builder for dispatchers and call center nurses, Soft Phone integration, system notifications, faxing, and others..

Solution business logic

The "Night Nurse" solution has the following business logic:

  • Call-center manager receives a call from a patient and fills in the preliminary data in the virtual call card.
  • The system automatically finds free nurse ("night nurse") and transmits the call data, or dispatcher may appoint a nurse manually.
  • The nurse calls the patient and asks for all additional information (e.g., symptoms and so forth.) records this data in the call card and "closes" the call.
  • The system automatically sends a fax with all information about the call to the appropriate medical center, where it is transferred to the proper doctor.

Virtual call card

"Virtual call card" is the usual FossLook document type, which has a set of special fields. This document usually is filled by the dispatcher or the nurse.

Virtual call card example

From the call card, the nurse can quickly find out all necessary information about the patient's medical center, reception hours, doctors contacts and so on. ("Practice Data Summary" (PDS) catalog):

Practice data summary card view

It is also possible to see the history and statics records of the call: who took the call, how many times nurse called back to the patient, how much time was spent on filling out medical history, etc ..

History and statistics records of the call

User roles

The solution has a system of user roles - administrator, dispatcher, nurse and supervisor. Each role determines user permissions within the system and the type of interface.

Users with administrative rights have all available permissions. They can add new users, create new departments (virtual representation of the health centers), change their hierarchy, customize reports and make other changes.

FossLook user management console

Administrator console allows you to use all available features of the solution, display all messages, warnings and events in the system:

FossLook administrator console

The supervisor role combines the functions of a manager and nurse. The "Nurse view" tab of the "Supervisor" role looks as follows:

Nurse view of the supervisor role

"Dispatcher" tab of the the "Supervisor" role looks as follows:

Dispatcher view of the supervisor role

Warnings about the events

The system automatically generates a warning about certain events, such as exceeding the maximum daily number of calls that can be handled by the nurse, or the lack of available nurses, and so forth. All types of alerts are stored in the usual FossLook reference catalog:

FossLook system alerts


One of the main features of the "Night Nurse" solution is a powerful report builder. It allows administrators to build performance reports (for dispatchers, nurses, supervisors) and find out how effectively they work. You can easily build a custom report, for example: the total number of calls handled by the nurse during the day for a certain time, and compare this data with the previous period.

FossLook daily trend report example

"Nurse productivity report" contains a summary of the statistical data characterizing nurse efficiency: the number of processed calls, elapsed time, average time spent on call, etc.

FossLook nurse productivity report

You also have the ability to create reports with grouping, for example, the total number of calls where the patient is a child (or adult), calls in the context of the particular medical center serving this area, etc.

Reports with grouping example

Faxing a doctor

Once the nurse has contacted the patient, collected all the necessary information and filled in the call card, she "closes" the call. That marks a call as "Triaged". After that the system automatically creates a fax containing all call information, and sends the fax to the doctor.

Fax that is generated from the triaged call

"Night Nurse" solution has helped the company to handle large volume of calls per day (currently, they've exceeded 16K calls per month and this number continues to grow), maximize efficiency of their workers, reduce patient complaints, improve the quality of medical reports, strengthen reliability of their service.

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