MGI Software licensing system

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The "MGI Software licensing system" solution was developed for the company "Millennium Group Inc." (USA). The product is designed to account the software that this company produces and distributes. The system is based on the FossLook platform. The new types of documents were designed for this solution: "product", "dealer", "software package", "license", etc., as well as catalogs to fill certain fields in these documents. The main function of the solution is data storage. In addition, the key generation system was developed, that allows to generate a serial key for the customers who have purchased the software.

Folders structure

The solution has the following folder structure for the different document types:

Product folder structure

For example, "Product Name" folder contains all the names of products that this company sells, i.e, it is a catalog, whose values are used in other solution documents.

"Software package" document type

The documents of this type store all the information about the sales of software products to customers: the date of sale, product, customer, client licenses, and so forth.

Software package document type example

"License" document type

Each software package can contain child documents such as "License", which store information about the parameters of a user license for a particular software product (for example, the number of client licenses that are allowed to use for a particular customer).

License document type example

Product key generation

With the license card you can generate a unique key (site key), which will be passed to the client. When a buyer enters this key in his product, he will be able to use all available features listed in his license.

History support

The solution also records history of the document. For example, you can track which user made changes to the document, when they were made, etc.

History of the document

"MGI Software licensing system" solution has helped the company to manage their software products, maximize efficiency of their work and save a lot of time.

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