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Today it's difficult to imagine a person who don't use email. But to use it, everyone must choose a provider, register an account and obtain the address that will receive emails. Now, there is an infinite set of opportunities, and everyone has the option to make his/her own choice.

But when you need to use an email within organization, every company has their own restrictions. Each organization can choose their own way of using corporate email addresses and emails. If the rules of using such email addresses are defined within the organization, these emails becomes not just simply "email" but "corporate email". Let's try to understand what does "corporate email" means, and how to use FossLook as your corporate email provider.

The Structure of FossLook Mail Server

One of the main features of FossLook platform is an email server. Let's take a closer look at it's structure.

All messages are stored in a database that is connected to the application server. The application server has an external module "Internet Mail", which allows to send and receive emails from the internet.

FossLook client application allows users to work with email, just as any usual mail app. Since email messages are not being stored on the client, users can access their mail from any computer on the network, or using web browser.

In addition, FossLook mail server can work with external mail servers such as,, and others. It supports standard SMTP / POP3 protocols and can be used with standard email clients, including mobile devices.

FossLook MailServer Structure

Key Features of the FossLook Mail Server

Integration with FossLook Platform

One of the advantages of FossLook, is that it's a part of the document management platform. So, you get the mail system and a document management system in one product.

Corporate email client: mail and documents in one application

Global Address Book

You can use global address book when choosing email recipients. All users, who have an email accounts are displayed here in the form of a tree, according to the structure of your organization.

Selecting addresses from the global address book

Easy Access to Contacts and Correspondents

If you need to send an email to a certain organization, the system allows you to conveniently select a contact person from the list.

Selecting the address of the contact person

Delegating Access Rights and Working on Behalf of Department

The system allows you to delegate access rights from one user to another as well as to work on behalf of the department, which can also have its own email address.

Delegating access rights to mail folders

Tracking an Email Delivery and Read Status

For each email message, you can track its delivery and read status.

Tracking an email delivery and read status

Quotas for Mailbox Size

The system administrator can set quotas for each user's mailbox size. When the quota is exceeded, the user can no longer send messages and receives a message from system administrator about exceeded quota size with proposal to remove old emails and perform a mailbox cleanup.

Quotas for mailbox size

Encryption and Digital Signature

FossLook mail server supports encryption and signing of email messages. You can use public providers like S/MIME and PGP, or connect external crypto providers of your choice. The system allows users to select a provider, or use default settings.

Selecting an encryption method

Virtual Folders

You can create and customize folders and subfolders inside your mail folders as well as set up filters for them. The messages will be displayed in these subfolders according to filter settings. These folders are called virtual folders.

Virtual folder as a filter for email messages

An article "Setting up a mail server and creating user accounts" describes FossLook mail server configuration in details.

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