Configuring Additional Mailbox in FossLook

Configuring additional email account in FossLook

FossLook system allows users to add an external mailbox either in FossLook Administrator, or in FossLook Client. You can work with email services of such popular email providers as and others. After adding an additional email account, you will be able to manage all of your emails in one place, - in the "Incoming" folder. The number of external mailboxes that you can add is unlimited.

FossLook client - Incoming folder

After setting up a mailbox in FossLook client you will be able to send messages using your external mailbox as sender address.

To connect an external mailbox, in FossLook Client go to "Tools -> Settings". The account settings dialog will appear. Then go to the "Accounts" tab and click "Account settings" button. You'll see the Mail accounts form:

FossLook - E-mail accounts configuration

Click "Create external mailbox",

FossLook - external E-mail account configuration

this will launch automatic mailbox configuration Wizard:

FossLook - new E-mail account configuration

Enter following information:

  • Your name;
  • E-mail address (address of external mailbox);
  • Password (password for external mailbox);
  • Retype password.

Click Next and the configuration of email account will begin.

FossLook - new E-mail account configuration progress

Click Finish when configuration process is complete.

New E-mail account for FossLook is created

However, if there is a need to change the automatic account settings for a mailbox, you can do so by setting a checkbox "Manually configure the account" on the form earlier, or select the "Open advanced settings" in the window below:

Form with manual settings for external mailbox will be opened:

FossLook - Advanced settings for external mailbox

Go to the "General" tab of this form. Enter following information (or leave default settings):

  • Your name;
  • E-mail address (address of external mailbox);
  • Incoming mail server;
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP);
  • User name for log on to external mail server;
  • Password (for external mailbox).

You can perform test connection and send test email by clicking "Test account settings" button. You will see the message with the test results.

Also, you can specify additional settings for outgoing mail server on the "Outgoing server" tab :

  • Authentication requirement;
  • Separate log on name and password for outgoing server (if necessary);
  • Authentication method.
FossLook - SMTP server configuration

You can specify additional settings for message encryption on "Advanced" tab:

  • Incoming server port number;
  • Outgoing server port number;
  • Encrypted connection (SSL) requirement;
  • Type of encryption.
FossLook - SMTP & POP3 servers advanced configuration

Setting a Mailbox Quota

Sometimes you may want to limit the size of users' mailboxes to avoid filling up the hard drive too quickly. You easily can to this from FossLook Administrator. Just open User properties, navigate to "Quota" tab and set the maximum mailbox size.

FossLook - mailbox quota settings

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