How to Effectively Manage Your Business With FossLook

As commonly known, the success in business management depends on three main concepts:

  • The idea, or the product, which the company sells on the market
  • Company's staff, which implements a business idea (or which manufactures the product)
  • Employees' motivation

The first component is pretty hard to improve - the idea is either there or it is not, not to mention that generally, low quality products are better not to be introduced to the market. As for the company staff and its motivation, some options are always available. And That's when the problem of human resource management occurs.

FossLook platform is a software solution that allows you to efficiently manage human resources and the enterprise as a whole, using its following features:

Working from Remote Locations

Many companies and organizations represent a geographically distributed structure and their departments may be located at a great distance from each other. FossLook allows you to control the staff of these distributed departments using Virtual enterprise structure, which corresponds to the real one.

Virtual enterprise structure

Departments of your organization may be physically located in different cities and countries. FossLook allows employees to connect to the server from their workstations via Internet.

Task Mechanism as a Way to Monitor Execution Process

FossLook allows you to create your own document types or use existing ones. (The document in FossLook system refers to any ordered information that describes some aspect of the business process in your enterprise).

To send a document from one user to another you can use tasks. Any task specifies the needs to be done on the document, as well as the timing of its execution.

Tasks sample

Document workflow consists of a several serial or parallel tasks.

Document's workflow sample

You can create quite complex workflows in the system. Logical conditions AND/OR can be used, as well as addressing tasks to a particular executor, or sending tasks for execution to the whole department.

Complex document's workflow

Task becomes completed when user fills in the report and presses "Report" button. Author of the task can also track it's status, close the task, or send it back for revision.

To visually monitor task execution, you can create your own virtual folders, which will filter the documents by the time of their execution.

History and Statistics - Logging User Activities

One of the ways to measure your employees work is to log their activities during work day. The system can record document history, all modifications that were made by the user.

Logged information also includes:

  • the name of the author of changes,
  • document fields that have been changed,
  • the values of these fields before and after the change
Document's history record

Document statistics records the first and last user access time, calculates the total time of work with the document for each user and the amount of changes each user has made.

Document's statistics records Download
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