How We Approach Individual Software Development

Individual Development

If you have already tried FossLook platform, but not sure if it can solve all your business tasks, we offer custom software solutions to meet your needs.

Curious How It Works?

Let's say that you have a website where your users fill out some forms and you want to put the data somehow in the document management system of your company:

The workflow process

Email messages with attached files that come to a specified mailbox can be converted into electronic documents with fields and routed through appropriate workflows.

Do you need customized reports? Each report can be approved and adapted according to your preferences. In any text editor simply create an example of a report that you'd like to have, fill it with test data and send it to us. We'll then get back to you with the estimated cost of the project.

Integration with Other Software Systems

FossLook platform allows you to integrate different systems with each other. For example, you may have a different CRM-like system, which stores your product data. If this system has an API or there's possibility of direct access to the database, it is possible to organize a communication channel between programs. A document created in one system, can be routed through FossLook and send back with the result.

Software integration process

How Much Does It Cost?

Before you evaluate the cost of any software project, you should create a customer requirements. In the process of reviewing and discussion of this document many aspects and details will be revealed. All development processes will become more transparent for both the customer and our developers.

Note: inattention to customer requirements typically leads to higher development costs.

If the customer requirements created in a very "vague" format, doesn't have any detailed descriptions and contains only general concepts, programmers need to consider all the possible risks, which greatly increases the initial cost of the project.

On the contrary, well-written and thoroughly crafted document directly leads to more accurate estimate cost of our services.

The Cost of Service

A month of individual software development, which includes 20 working days, will cost about $2000. So, one day for one employee costs $100 on average.

Where to Start When Creating Customer Requirements?

Before you begin to prepare customer requirements, you should familiarize yourself with FossLook platform. Now, you don't need to go in details here, just a high level overview of the system. Without doing that, it'll be difficult to comprehensively explain your goals and end results.

  • decide what types of documents you'll be working with
  • if the standard types don't have enough features (fields), you can create a new library and your custom document type in it
  • figure out what kind of workflow templates you'll need in you company
  • map the fields from other sources (email, online forms, another software system) with the fields of your documents in FossLook
  • all participants of the business process, their interactions with documents should be clearly described and understood

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