FossLook - Documents Workflow and Collaboration Platform

Key Features

Document Management

FossLook is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for electronic document management. The system can help you to organize all documents in your business.


With FossLook you will increase the efficiency of your employees, resulting in a more engaged and productive workforce with reduced turnover. That means more sales and better financial results.

Business Automation

FossLook allows you to easily automate business processes in your company. Automating small repetitive tasks will allow you to be able to work on what you consider is important.

Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions built on the FossLook basis and covering wide range of tasks. Our software can be successfully used for creating customer's own solutions as well as expanding existing ones.

Powerful Workflows

FossLook allows you to route documents and files for further action. You can create document workflows using powerful visual editor. Users can manage document flow manually or use a workflow templates.

Web Access

FossLook has a Web interface, so you don't even need the FossLook client installed on your computer, simply login to the webserver and you will have all the features of FossLook directly in your browser!

Mail Server

FossLook has an integrated Mail Server that can work with a variety of clients. Not only does it has almost all the features a mail server can offer, it is also reliable, fast and secure.

Digital Signature

FossLook allows users to sign the document with Electronic Digital Signature in no time. Users can sign the entire document, as well as individual fields of the document or document attachments.

Powerful Reports

FossLook allows you to build reports using groupings. Generated reports can be exported to .csv file. You can quickly browse the list of documents that fall into the appropriate group of the report.

Active Directory Integration

You can login to the System servers using Active Directory authentication. You won't need any additional software, just start the client application, enter the domain user name and password, and work with the system.

Document Libraries

All document types in the system, including those that are created by users, can be viewed and edited in the administration program on the "Document Libraries" tab. Using the capabilities of this program, you will be able to automate business processes of your company and organize a collaborative work of your employees on documents.

Any document, that is being used within your organization, can be designed using document libraries and saved into the database.

Document wokrflows

Documents in FossLook move between users and departments according to visually designed workflows. Workflows can be serial, parallel or mixed. In a serial workflow, each step is dependent on occurrence of the previous step; in a parallel workflow, two or more steps can occur concurrently. It's also possible to create workflow templates.

The system gives you easy to use tools to help you track changes made to a document. You can always see the changes made to the document and return to the previous version.

Mail Server and Client

FossLook mail server allows you to create internal user mailboxes (using your domain name) and work with them, i.e. send/receive messages. Server also allows users to connect external mailboxes from other email providers (, , etc.).

FossLook client has similar features with many popular mail clients and reproduces most of the functions, such as address book support, sending/receiving messages, etc.


Platform allows you to sign the document as well as any attached file with Electronic Digital Signature (EDS). Demo version uses Microsoft EDS provider, but it's also possible to use other EDS providers.

Web Server

Application server can be accessed over the internet or local network based on its settings. Using web interface does not require any Client level installation.

Print Templates

FossLook provides the ability to print documents from a Word template. Fields of the template are filled with the values from the document.

Full-Text Search

The system has a powerful search engine, that allows users to easily search documents based on the content inside. You can specify search conditions of any complexity, using logical AND / OR operators.

Custom Solutions

You can create your own business solutions and adapt it to the needs of your organization without the help of the programmers. On a separate occasions it is possible to program additional features using C# programming language.

Foss-On-Line company has developed and supports a number of solutions based on FossLook platform:

  • "MGI Licensing System"
  • "Night Nurse"
  • "FossLook CRM"

General Information

Brief description

FossLook is a client-server platform intended to automate your business processes. The main features of FossLook are electronic document management and collaboration on projects, messages, tasks and other business related documents.

The platform is suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises with distributed organizational structure. You can quickly start working with the system using default settings and data.

Learn how to start working with FossLook here: "Getting started"

Main Advantages

  • Protected data storage, multiple database providers support, including opensource ones.
  • Simple business process modeling strategy for any type of enterprise.
  • Powerful visual workflow editor for documents.
  • Integrated Mail Server.
  • e-Signature Support.
  • Data access through the desktop application and a web interface.
  • Combination of an email client and document management system in a single application.
  • MS Office Integration.

Basic Concepts

FossLook uses a simple business model, which can be used to implement collaboration on projects, documents, messages etc. in any company.


The core of this model consists of the term "document", as a set of named fields that describe it. The field values are stored in the database. User interacts with the document, changes fields values, then routes the document, for example, for approval.

Different field sets define a document type.

documents type


Users interact with the documents that are stored in the folders. Every document type has it's own folder. Every folder has additional filter that allows users to filter documents by field values:

virtual folder

Users, groups of users, departments, access rights sharing

You can open document and grant access of a certain type for a given user or group.

Each user belongs to a certain department of your enterprise (organization). You can create a virtual enterprise structure, which corresponds to a real one.

virtual structure

Moreover, the user can belong to a group of users, which can have their own document access permissions.

Documents workflow

You can visually design document workflows for a certain document type and route documents to a specified users or departments.

The document moves from one route point to another if the state of the point is "finished", it's also possible to alter this behavior using logical AND/OR operators.

Documents workflow

Software Architecture

The platform is built on a client-server architecture and consists of:

  • Database
  • Application server, incl. web-server
  • Client applications - desktop application for Windows (FossLook Client), FossLook Administrator and web interface.


Platform supports a variety of databases:

  • MySQL
  • SQL Express
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle

Application Server

FossLook Application Server is the core of the platform, which implements system business model and allows users to connect and work with the database server. All business logic is implemented on the server, that provides important benefits: centralized management of all users and their collaboration on documents, as well as low system resource cost for client programs.

FossLook Administrator

"FossLook administrator" allows you to manage the entire platform, create new users, design virtual enterprise structure, manage permissions for a certain documents. FossLook Administrator comes in two versions - simplified and advanced.

FossLook Client

User workplace is presented both as a desktop application and a web client. Supports all popular functions of the other email clients.

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