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The main purpose of any company management is obtaining maximum income and at the same time reducing company's own expenses. Business processes are used to achieve this goal. Every enterprise has it's own business processes, but sometimes company executives might not be aware of that fact.

Any business process has its own components. On the one hand, the general management of the company, including decisions on its tactical and strategic development is carried out. On the other hand, actions to gain maximum income by means of growing customer base, satisfying their demands, providing production processes etc., take place. Also, general support of the company is provided. Namely, accounting and tax accounting, infrastructure support, various general economic activities.

Business processes which could be formalized are the easiest for automation. The majority of companies are using specific software, such as accounting, tax accounting, human resources management and warehouse accounting software because these business processes could be formalized easily. At the same time, enterprise management and operating activities could be hard to formalize due to human factors, company's specifics, products, services and customers specifics.

There are some ways to solve this problem:

  • Creation of your own software. The advantage of such decision is possibility to obtain software product that will meet all your requirements. Disadvantage of such decision is that obtained software product does not meet a lot of your requirements. High solution costs, long-term implementation and the need for frequent software improvements in case of any business process change, make this solution not the best choise.
  • Using software product that allows minimal changes. The advantage of this solution is that the software product is easy to install, but during the implementation stage the customer has to adjust the business process(-es) according to the logics of such software, what is not always realistic. In most cases this solution is also not suitable.
  • Using software products, which could be configured independently according to customer's own needs. Advantages and disadvantages of such decision depend on how flexible software settings can be, i.e. on software functions and possibilities itself.
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