FossLook-Based Electronic Document Management

FossLook Electronic Document Management System

Purpose and Functions of Document Management Systems

Currently, the majority of companies and enterprises store their documents in electronic or paper form. Electronic documents often duplicate paper documents. But even if the company preferably uses electronic form of documents storage, corporate information processing will be ineffective without the use of specialized systems. These specialized systems are called the Electronic Document Management Systems.

Beyond the simple storage database electronic document management also provides:

  • documents search;
  • office support (paperwork);
  • documents routing and execution control;
  • analytical reports;
  • enterprise information security (users authentication, access rights, etc.);
  • additional functions required to automate business processes of a particular company.

FossLook Platform Features

FossLook software product was designed as a platform for creating EDMS solutions, without the involvement of qualified professionals (programmers). Basic functionality allows documents to be scanned and, routed to key resources for review and then routed to supervisors or directors for further review, eliminating involvement of paper in the process. The platform is also suitable for a large number of other electronic document management tasks.

These are the Basic FossLook functions, used to automate documents management:

Documents storage

Documents are centralized in a single database, which can be controlled by MS SQL Server (FileStream mode is supported), MySQL or Oracle. The system also supports powerful MS SQL Server "full-text search" function. For more information please refer to the article FossLook Platform Structure.

Document Libraries

You can design documents of any type and complexity using features of "FossLook document libraries". To get started quickly with your documents, add some fields to the document, select necessary functions, assign the folder for you document and share this folder among users. Everything is simple. Check out "Creating a custom document type" article for more information.

Document libraries

Documents routing

The platform supports both user-created workflows and workflow templates which are pre-defined by administrator. You can create both parallel and serial document workflows, combine them using logical conditional operators (and / or), set up processing notifications on each individual stage of the workflow, etc. You can find more information about documents routing in the article Documents routing.

Documents routing

History and statistics of the documents

You will always know who is the author of any changes in the document, how much time the document was edited by the user and other information, using the FossLook document history and statistics.

Electronic digital signature (EDS)

Prerequisite of modern EDMS is to guarantee the authenticity of actions performed by users and to provide the integrity of information they entered. It can be provided only by electronic digital signatures (EDS). You can find more information about EDS in the article How to create digital signature with FossLook.

Access levels and permissions

The platform provides a powerful permissions mechanism, allowing users to access any object within the system, including document folders, the documents themselves, as well as files embedded in the document. The permissions system is thoroughly described in the article Access levels.

FossLook permissions settings

Links between documents

FossLook provides the ability to create links between documents using "parent-child" model, establish cross-reference links between documents and track them. You can find more information about creating links between documents in the article Creating links between documents.

Linked documents

Print templates

FossLook platform is integrated with popular office applications such as MS Word word processor and allows you to create and edit templates for printing documents.

Template for printing document

Mail server

In addition to all these great features, FossLook platform can also be a fully-functional Mail server.

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