Configuring access to folder

Not all users should have possibility to change contractor data. This is why we should configure access to “Correspondents” folder.

“Correspondents” folder properties

Select “Access” tab and cancel access rights inheritance from parent object.

Breaking inheritance of access rights from parent object

We assume that all users will see a list of Correspondents with “Read” permission level.
It means that they can view information but they can’t make any changes.

To do this click and add “Everyone” group with “Read” permission level.

Granting “Read” permissions for “Everyone” group

Let’s grant Full access to the folder for user John Smith (Common Department employee, the clerk). For user Nick Miles (Marketing Department employee, the Expert in Marketing) let’s grant permissions Create documents, Edit own and Delete own. To do this place cursor on folder “Correspondents”, right click and select “Permissions”.

Granting folder permissions

Result should looks as shown below:

Folder permissions

We made a first part of creating a business application task. Now we have warehouse where we will keep information about our Correspondents.

Creating “Marketing documents” warehouse

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