Creating basic document type named “Marketing document”

At first let’s create “Marketing documents” library.

and then create “Marketing document” base type. On the basis of this basic document type we'll inherit new document types “Offer” and “Technical proposal” later. Document type “Marketing document” should have the following fields and functions:

Let’s review creation features for some types of fields. Field “Product” will have the Dictionary type. Since the system doesn’t have such dictionary, it will be created automatically when you save this field.

Field “Creator” is a link to user’s dictionary. This dictionary is filled in when the organizational structure is created. So select this dictionary for the field “Creator”.

and select dictionary in “Library of the server”.

Next we add another field in the document. Let’s give it name “Contractor” – this is an organization to which our Offer will be addressed. This field will be linked with previously created document type “Contractor”. To create such link click

and select document type “Contractor” in previously created library “Contractors”.

Since "Marketing document" should not be displayed in system we need to restrict creation of this document in order to avoid accidental creation of unnecessary documents. To do this we need to go to tab “Object” and set “Category/Abstract” to “True”.

Using the mechanism of "Inherited document types"

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