Configuring access to folders

Let’s grant appropriate rights and permissions to existing folders. Grant “View” permission to “Marketing documents” folder for “Everyone” group. This will allow all system users to see this folder in their folders hierarchy.

Granting access to “Marketing documents” folder for “Everyone” group

To ease access control to our subfolders let’s create user group named “Marketing documents processing group”. For example, group “Marketing documents processing group” will include following users

“Working with commercial offers” group creation

Next let’s configure permission on the folder “Marketing documents” for “Marketing documents processing group”. With this settings users from group “Marketing documents processing group” can work with whole marketing documents warehouse including folder “Marketing documents”. The rest of users should not see this folder.

Настройка разрешений для группы пользователей

For “Presentations” and “Technical proposals” folders, access permissions will look as shown on the screenshot below. It means that all users of the FossLook system can work with these folders.

Assigning permissions “Author” to user group “Everyone”

Check of the solution

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