How to Automate Your HR Department with FossLook


It doesn't matter if it's a small company or a huge enterprise, automating human resources (HR) department will increase company's productivity and profit. In this article we'll look at how you can automate the work of your HR department with FossLook. As an example, we'll take a simple everyday business process of the HR department, that works with candidates for the vacant positions of your organization:

Typical HR workflow scheme

Documents workflow in HR department

The human resources department receives an applicant's resume (CV). HR manager fills in the form and sends it to the HR director, who then decides - to send a denial, or to invite him for an interview. Then, if the resume is accepted, HR director sets a date of the interview and the employee, who will speak with the applicant (Interviewer). After the interview, an interviewer creates the report and sends it to the head of the company. Finally, the Boss decides to hire an applicant, or to refuse him, and sends the CV back to HR department.

Application Form

All right, let's create a new document type called "Application form" in FossLook Administrator:

HR Application form

The fields "Sex", "Vacancy", "Department", "Correspondent" are a references to the existing system directories ("Vacancy" refers to the vacancies catalog). On the "Attachments" tab, you can, for example, add a file with an applicant's resume. On the "Related Documents" tab, in the future, you can add links to various documents, such as order of employment, and so forth.

The "Application state" field refers to the "Status of the applicant" reference, which contains the status assigned to the candidate on each point of the workflow:

  • - In progress - CV is being reviewed by the HR department.
  • - Invited for an interview - the applicant is invited for an interview.
  • - Denied - the applicant was denied admission.
  • - Enrolled - the applicant was hired for the job.
  • - Deferred - the applicant's CV was deferred for some reason.

Once you've done, creating the Application form, give access to the folder where this type of documents will be stored, to users participating in the workflow.

Application Form Workflow

Next, H.R. Manager creates the following workflow template for this document:

Creating resume workflow in the department

The applicant is given the status of "In progress". If at the first point of the route (approval) HR Director does not agree, the whole workflow stops. Then, applicant's status becomes "Denied" (or "Deferred" depending on the circumstances).

If the HR Director agrees, the workflow moves to it's next point (execution) at the Chief of IT department. The HR Director changes the status to "Invited for an interview".

The Chief of IT department conducts an interview with the applicant and files a report.

After that, the report is automatically gets delivered to the Boss for approval. If the boss's answer is "Agree" - it means the acceptance of the candidate, if not - HR Director changes the application status to "Denied" (or "Deferred" depending on the circumstances).

Workflow Execution

After start of the workflow, the application form goes for approval to the HR Director:

Stage 1 - approval at HR Director

The HR Director writes his notes for the next participant of the workflow and presses "I agree". The route moves to the next point - the head of the IT department:

Stage 2 - IT department report

The head of the IT department conducts an interview and writes his report on it, presses the "Report" button - application moves to the head of the organization:

Stage 3 - Final director resolution on hiring

After reviewing the report of the Head of the IT department, the boss writes his resolution and clicks "I agree" button. HR Manager receives a notification about the completion of the approval workflow, and can start preparing a candidate for enrollment.


This is an example of the simplest HR workflow. The suggested workflow can be changed and modified as needed. For example, you can add a test, or a trial period for the applicant.

Start automating your company's business processes, and you will see, how easily and quickly it can be done with FossLook.

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