Testing the solution

Now let’s see if created storehouses meet their stated requirements. We will log into the system as Helen Richardson, who needs to see the whole database structure as it belongs to the group “Working with Offers” and has the right to work with the “Сorrespondents” folder. Indeed, the look of her folders corresponds to what we wanted.

Create a document from her name in each folder, checking the appropriate fields and functions of the documents, like we designed them.

“Contact persons” Document

“Documents” tab of “Contact persons” document

“Offer” document

“Technical proposal” document

“Presentation” document

Now we will check how Katrin Porter, a member of the IT department sees the newly created folder structure. Otherwise, she is not not a member of “Working with Offers” group. So, as we planned, she does not see the “Offers” folder and does not have any access to this folder.

The first 2 steps of our solution are done – we created a documents storehouse and we can control the access to it.

Preparation of the document's route pattern

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