Custom Business Solutions

In today's business there are many tasks and processes that don't fit into one standard template. In many companies, there comes a time when people realize that processes in the company require individual development.

  • There is a feeling that company needs to "reset" current processes, approaches, and implement new ideas.
  • Employees are not motivated to do their job. Their inspiration 'cooled off', new goals and objectives are no longer their main priority.
  • The company needs a boost in sales, conquer new markets and gain more customers.
  • There is no understanding of why the current model doesn't work: corporate standards, technologies, business processes, all require rethinking and remodelling.

When that situation occurs, company needs an effective custom solution which will take into account all the details and nuances of the system.

To create a customized solution based on FossLook Platform, developers need to grasp the essence of the enterprise business processes, create a configuration which will increase the efficiency of enterprise management through the adoption of new workflows and enhanced protocols.

In particular, development of custom business solution includes the creation of new document types, folder structures for document storage and routes to send documents between employees.

Here's how a typical document might look like:

The document with attached technical proposal

And the folder structure for documents storage:

Here's how your folders might be organized

Sample workflows in the organization:

Sample route to send your company's documents

Examples of the Custom Solutions Based on FossLook Platform

Here are some of the examples of custom solutions which we've specifically made to help streamline the workflows and business processes in various companies.

Night Nurse Custom Solution

The "Night Nurse" solution was developed to reduce the workload of call operators in a healthcare company. The custom elements of this solution include powerful report builder for dispatchers and call center nurses, Soft Phone integration, system notifications, faxing, and others. However, the main core of the system is based on FossLook Server.

The interface of the Night Nurse application

MGI Software Licensing System Custom Solution

The "MGI Software licensing system" solution was developed to account the software that the company produces and distributes. For this solution we created some additional types of documents like: "product", "dealer", "software package", "license" etc..

The interface of the MGI Client

Invoice and Quotation Custom Solution

The "Invoice and Quotation" solution was designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs manage their customers, prepare invoices and quotes. It allows to design professional looking documents and customize their printing templates.

The interface of the Invoice and Quotation client

So, as you can see, there's no universal solution that will meet everyone's needs. Our company's years of experience in solving similar problems, show that only individual approach can help companies achieve results in minimal time. We also provide the full range of services, including not only the software development, but customer service and support.

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