Document fields

Now let’s define the document’s fields. We assume that we need the following fields describing our accounts:

  • «Full Name» - type of fields String (indexed);
  • «Registered address» - type of fields String (indexed);
  • «Physical address» - type of field: String (indexed);
  • «Account» - type of field: String (indexed);
  • «Coonterparty» - type of field: Subdocuments.

To create a field, click

and create corresponding string field

The field type “Counterparty” has a Subdocuments type. The point of this field is to link all the related documents that are placed in separate tabs to the main document. You can have an unlimited number of links, which is useful for us because a single account may have a lot of contact persons. In turn, the document type “Contact persons” will have its own fields. We assume that these fields are the following:

  • «Name» - type of field – string (indexed);
  • «Position » - type of field – string (indexed);
  • «Phone number(s) » - type of field – string (indexed);
  • «Mobile phone(s)»- type of field – string (indexed);
  • «E-mail-1» - type of field – string (indexed);
  • «E-mail-2» - type of field – string (indexed).

Lets create the “Coonterparty” Subdocuments document type:

Next, click on the link from the “Contact persons” affiliated document.

In general, this type of document may already exist within the system and can be selected, but in our case, it will have to be created. To do this, click

and create a “Contact persons” document type, adding appropriate fields,

then select it from the documents list as an affiliated document of Subdocuments type.

This way, we have created a “Coonterparty” affiliated document type. Next, we'll create a new document type "Correspondent" which will have following view:

Considering that in the future we plan to use the records of Correspondents as links to documents, with the future document design, we need to remove the check in the box on the document type. The final version of our document type will be:

And the library itself will look as follows:

Thus, we have created document types “Correspondent” and “Contact persons”, and the system has created “Correspondent” folder, which name coincides with a name of document type for storage of these documents. The folder "Contact persons" was not created, since it is the affiliated document, and is does not require folder for its storage. "Correspondent" folder will store a set of records about Correspondents, not only one record. So, it's a good sense to rename it into “Correspondents”.

Configuring access rights to folders

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