Document functions

Let’s determine functions that will be present in our document type “Contractor”.

Available functions have following purposes:

  • “Attached Files” - allows attaching files to the document;
  • “Execution” - allows sending document by execution route. It means that document can be sent to another user with commission;
  • “History” - allows turning on history tracking of document;
  • “Sending on a route”- Allows connecting routes;
  • “Mailing” - allows attaching links to e-mails to the document;
  • “Linked documents” - allows attaching documents to the current document;
  • “Approval” - allows approval of document.

Let’s consider that for our document following functions is necessary:

  • “Attached files” - allows attaching any files to our document. For example, a copy of the certificate of registration of the business in government;
  • “Execution” - allows sending of document to other users;
  • “History” - allows tracking of changes made by users worked with document.

Document fields

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