FossLook Administrator program

FossLook Administrator program is designed for administration of the FossLook system. The FossLook Administrator program interface is rather simple. The left navigation bar with buttons is intended to switch page settings for control, the right bar displays the selected page. The main page of the FossLook Administrator program contains links to all other program pages:

FossLook Administrator

The appointment of all pages of the FossLook Administrator program is described below:


"Departments" Page is designed to control various organization departments. To learn more about working with the departments you may proceed the article "Creating organizational structure".

Departments Control


By using the "Users" page, FossLook Administrator can create new users, delete and edit existing ones. More information could be found in the article "User Management".

User Management


Users can join groups that are managed on this page. More about this can be found here.

User Groups Management

Documents Library

FossLook allows types to create your own document types, manage folders where the documents are stored, and manage user access to documents and folders to store them. The page "Documents Library" is intended to implement all these functions.

Documents Library

Digital Signature Providers (EDS)

In FossLook System any of the document fields could be electronically signed, as well as any attached document file(-s) also could be signed by electronic signature. To perform the function of EDS the Fosslook Administrator may use any of the crypto method(-s) among available. Selecting cryptographic method is provided on the page "EDS Providers." How to configure fields to sign the document can be found in the article "Setting up and working with EDS in FossLook" . The list of EDS providers will expand.

Digital Signature Providers (EDS)

Locked objects

This page displays all locked objects in the system. Blocking occurs when the document is taked for editing by any system user. The administrator has the ability to unlock any system object by using this menu item.

Locked objects

Routing Templates

Document routing is supported in FossLook. Route traffic between users of the document can be created in the time of going along the route, and advance as a template. Unlimited number of templates. Each document can be sent to one of the route pattern. You can read the article "Template preparation for the route of the document" to obtain more information about the process of creation of Routing Templates.

Routing Templates

User Sessions

To display the active user sessions, the "User Sessions" page is designed. An administrator can disable the system user from the server.

User Sessions

External Modules

Increase the capabilities of the system can be achieved by connecting external modules to the server FossLook. To control external modules designed this page.

External Modules


"Statistics" include keeping statistics allows users work with the document. Using statistics can be taken into account while working with the document , the number of calls to him, and volume changes in the document. More about this functionality is described in the article "History and statistics of the document " "History and statistics of the document "

Statistics Settings


FossLook allows history of working with each document. Bookmark "History" in the document card displays the date change fields in the document , who made these changes and what values of the fields were to change and after. How to configure and use the story to watch here . here .

History Settings


Using elements of "Network" tab , you can configure the mail server FossLook, which can reside on your domain. Additionally, you can connect to an external mail server type, and similar. Details of these options are described in the article " Setting up a mail server and create user accounts on it " .

Network Settings

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