Creating Your Company Structure

The business structure of any organization or company is usually represented as a tree. Each employee belongs to his/her own department. The large corporate structure usually is more complex than most other business structures, but it still can be easily created within FossLook. If you work as an entrepreneur, you may only create one department, a couple of users and that'd be enough to start using the product.

Creating a Departments Tree

Ok, first, you need to start FossLook administrator and then click the "Add Department" button on the "Departments" tab. Next, enter your department name (i.e. "Finance and Accounting Department", "Sales Department" etc.) and click "Save".

Creating first department in organization

Later, by adding more departments you can create the overall hierarchical structure for your company.

How you can create almost any kind of organizational structure

User Management

So, now that we have our departments in place, let's create a couple of users. Select "Users" tab in the FossLook Administrator program. This tab allows you to manage user accounts.

Currently you'll see only Administrator account in the list. Create another user by clicking "Add user" button.

Note: Considering that each user belongs to a certain department, his/her account can be created directly from the department itself.

Creating a new user account

"User" tab

All right, now fill in the general employee's information on the "User" tab. Make sure that you've entered the correct "Full name" of the user because it will be visible everywhere in the system. If you check "Account is disabled" option, this account will not be licensed. For example, this option can be used when all the employee's data needs to be stored in the system, but this employee is not active at the moment. If this option is checked, employee will not be included in the number of licensed users.

General user properties

"User properties" tab

Next, select "User properties" tab and fill in some properties of the employee. The "Position" drop down list allows you to choose previously entered positions or create the new one. The "Status" option can have three values such as "Active", "Absent" or "Dismissed". "Absent" and "Dismissed" statuses deactivate employees. I.e. they become not visible in the system and you can't send to them any tasks. Also, the "Dismissed" state keeps the history of the employees actions, in case if someone would like to review it later.

User properties tab

"Account" tab

"Account" tab contains reference information, such as some personal records about the employee, passport data, tax information, etc.

Employee's Account tab

"Contacts" tab

"Contacts" tab contains employee's contact information, such as "Business phone number", "Home phone number", "Mobile phone number", "Fax", etc.

Employee's Contacts tab

"Address" tab

"Address" tab contains information such as employee's country, city, province, street, etc.

Employee's Address tab

"Group membership" tab

"Group membership" tab allows you to add the employee to the existing groups.

Employee's Group membership tab

"Attachments" tab

"Attachments" tab allows you to add file attachments, such as scanned copies of documents.

Employee's Attachments tab

The purpose and functions of the other tabs are described in corresponding articles and sections of the site. For more information about the tab you interested in, just select the tab and press F1.

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