Web Server and EDMS Platform Client

FossLook web server allows you to have access to all your information directly in your browser
"FossLook allows you to deploy fully functional web server without messing around with hosting space and other accompanying troubles. It's very convenient because you can experiment with different web settings for free!"

Often company employees work outside of the office and need to have access to the documents stored on the corporative server, for example, during business trips. To solve this problem we developed a new external module called "Web Server".

Each member of the company, located outside of the office (at home, at the client's office) can work with FossLook Platform using a web browser.

Starting with version 6.0, external module "Web Server" is now a part of the FossLook Business Automation Platform.

Working with the Web Server is no different to working from your office. Using the web-browser you will get the same access to documents and folders, all the same features of the desktop client will be available to you. You can open the documents, edit the document fields, send the documents on route, etc. That being said, we now have a full-featured web-based client as a part of the FossLook EDMS Platform.

An important feature of the interaction with the web server is encrypted connection using https protocol.

Let's take a closer look at how to set up and use this module in your company.

Web Server Module

All right, the first thing you need to do is to run FossLook Administrator and connect external module "Web Server".

External module Web Server

Simply select the "Web server" from the drop-down list of available modules, and press "Connect". You need to restart FossLook Administrator for changes to take place. Once you've done that, you'll see a new tab that contains all Web Server settings.

Web Server settings tab

Connecting to a Server Using a Web Browser

You don't need to install any special software to work with the web server, you can use any convenient browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera). Just copy a website URL from the web server settings page, and paste it in your browser address bar: http://win7eng .demo. fosslook.com :5050/, or you can simply type localhost:5050. You'll see the following page with login dialog and information about the web client version.

Web EDMS server connection dialog

Enter the login and password for your user account, and then click Connect button. Unlike desktop application, user can't select authentication type here, but it's really unnecessary. The system automatically authorizes users, who are registered in Windows Active Directory, as well as the ones who are created only in FossLook.

Working with Documents in the Browser

After successfully connecting to the server you'll see a page that looks almost like the desktop client. To the left it has a folders tree, to the right it shows the document containing in those folders. The page also contains a standard toolbar, where you can create, modify or remove selected items.

FossLook Web-based Client interface

If you open any document, you'll see it's fields, attachments, navigation pane:

Document Card in the browser

You can edit the document fields by pressing "Edit" button, or perform other actions like sending document on a route. To send a document on the route you basically do the same actions as in the desktop client. Just simply click the "Send on route" button, and then specify the route type, for example, "Approval".

Sedning a document on a route

After doing that, you'll be presented with the standard dialog to send a document on a route:

Web dialogue to route document for approval

Unlike the desktop application, all document tabs here are located in a vertical order as a list. By clicking on the tab name, you can open its contents. For example, the "Workflows" tab looks as shown below:

Workflows tab in a web document card

Web server provides all the same features as the EDMS application server. As a result, users can use the FossLook Platform regardless of where they are and what software is installed on a computer.

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