What is Electronic Document Management?

Electronic Document Management - is the process of managing different kinds of documents in the organization. Document management starts from their production (scanning, receiving by e-mail, etc.), then movement through the company workflows (approval, signing, closing, etc.), and finally, archiving.

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) - is a software, that helps to organize and support the life cycle of electronic documents.

Let's look at how EDMS can help you solve your business problems.


FossLook Document Management System - is a solution based on FossLook platform, designed to create an electronic archive of documents, provide management and workflow organization, setup business process automation in small and large enterprises, institutions and companies.

The software allows you to solve many business problems such as centralized storage, collaboration, security audit and many others. The program consists of separate modules, which in turn are combined into solutions. The software complex can be easily reconfigured with the specifics of each individual company.


The software is based on the classic client-server architecture and consists of:

Structural diagram of the FossLook Platform
  • FossLook Server - application that implements the business logic and allows clients to interact with the database. Modules that define software functions, are connected to it.
  • Web Server - allows users to work with the application server via a standard Web browser. Implemented as an external module connected to the application server.
  • Database - is controlled by the database server (Microsoft SQL or Oracle). Stores files, records, directories, user information, settings, etc.
  • FossLook Client - client's desktop application (Windows). Using this program, user connects to the application server located on the local network or the Internet, works with the documents and solves other business-related tasks as an employee of the company (organization). At the same time desktop client integrates a function of a mail client and can receive, send emails from other hosts.
  • FossLook Web Client - Web interface (Web client) that performs the same functions as Windows desktop client, only in a standard Web browser. Web Access is provided to the clients by the Web server.
  • FossLook Administrator - administration program. With the help of this software you can manage the application server (create users and departments, setup access rights, connect additional modules, design workflows, create new document types, etc.


Let's look at the main functions of the EDMS:

Office automation

Creating paperless office can help your business

The software automates all aspects of the modern office: the creation of electronic documents, preparing tasks, registration of original paper correspondence in special journals, approval and execution control, preparation of resolutions, work with the digital signature, sending and receiving electronic correspondence, generating reports and other.

Office automation improves productivity and efficiency of employees. Furthermore, automated processes can help you to save a great amount of money by reducing the time needed to perform certain tasks.

Wide variety of the available documents

Various document types in the client application

All variety of documents within the system is divided into separate categories - document types. The system has a couple of standard types such as "Incoming" and "Outgoing" letters, tasks, etc.

FossLook allows you to flexible customize everything according to your business processes. It allows you to create your own custom documents type with the set of fields and functions that you need. You can design custom reports for printing, that will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your business. The software also allows you to create new documents based on the existing ones, using the mechanism of inheritance.

Flexible documents workflows

Document workflow scheme

EDMS allows to configure flexible workflows between departments of your company, set the order of their approval, signing, execution and registration, etc. They can be created using powerful visual editor. It allows users to manage workflow manually of use workflow template that can move document through all necessary steps automatically.

If you implement adaptive workflow processes in your company, you can dramatically reduce operation costs like paper, toner and mailing supplies. Virtualizing your workflow processes can help you to see the redundancies that can be avoided, eliminate process duplication and avoid human errors. A properly automated workflow can bring your team unlimited capabilities and lessen overhead cost.

It is a really great way to improve the efficiency of your business that allows you to save time and money.


Collaboration feature in EDMS

Using departments tree you can design a virtual structure of your company (organization) of any complexity. "User role" model will enable your staff to quickly master the functions of the system and effectively delegate access and permissions from one user to another.

Collaboration features of the system are especially effective when the team is divided between several different locations. Employees can collaborate on tasks from distant locations using web access.

Overall, EDMS provides a powerful means to share access to resources of the company and collaborate on documents.

Integrated Mail Server

Email server feature in document manegement system

Mail Server allows to create "internal" user mailboxes (on your domain) and work with them - receive / send messages. The server also can send and receive messages from other mail servers (gmail.com, etc.), therefore your mail and documents can be stored in one database.

When sending e-mails, EDMS provides you with the global address book. All e-mail users are displayed there according to the structure of your organization. In addition to that you also have the option to sign or encrypt your outgoing messages. To find out more information about mail server you can refer to this article: FossLook Email Server Settings.

Electronic Digital Signature

Digital Signature feature in the document management system

The system supports work with an electronic digital signature (EDS). You can sign the documents and their fields, attachments with digital signature. This signature will ensure the integrity and authenticity of the original. No one but the author will be able to make changes without being noticed. More on digital signatures you can read in our article: How to create a digital signature with FossLook.

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