AutoComplete fields with default values ​​

Starting with version 5.4, you can configure auto-field filling documents specified values. In this case, create a new document that will open its card, some of the fields will be filled already. How to implement it?

Open the "Document Libraries" program administration. Suppose you have created, for example, some type of document:

Document edit

In order to seize the opportunity to enter the default values ​​should be entered the name of the document type and made its preservation.

Ability to enter default values ​​available for the following types of fields:

  • String (indexed)
  • Multy-string (indexed)
  • String
  • Boolean
  • Numeric
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Date / Time
  • Time
  • Dictionary
  • Multidictionary

For example, create a numbers field ("#"). Take it for editing, open the tab "Default":

Default value tab

Enter you required value in the "default value". Save the changes. When you create a new document of this type, the field "#" will be filled with the entered value:

The field is filled automatically

For fields of Dictionary field type, "Default value" offers a selection of values ​​of the corresponding dictionary:

Select default value ​​for the Dictionary field

If the Dictionary field uses the system dictionary "Employees", then you will have the option "Current user":

Select default value ​​for the employees dictionary

If you install a check here, the default value is substituted for the user who created the document.

Please note that when you set up at least one default autocomplete fields on the tab "Server-side scripts" edited document type appears script:

The script for automatical fields filling with default values

This script just will provide during the opening card document auto complete fields that are configured to use the default values. Do not remove it if you want to save these settings.

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