How to Use the Document Search

FossLook client program allows users to search for documents stored in the database. The search field is located at the top of the client window. It has a multitude of search options available to the user. These options can help you to narrow your search using specific search queries.

Search All Fields For Value

Select a folder and click "Search", the search bar will appear. Next, enter search word or a phrase in the search bar and hit "Search". The system will display the documents corresponding to your search criteria.

Using Search for all fields

Search by Specific Fields

You can select a specific field such as "Release Date", for example. Then select a specific time interval and click the "Search" Search command button. To reset these settings, press the "Clear search" Clear search command button:

Using Search for a specific field

If you check "Search in subfolders" Subfolders search option option, the system will perform a search within subfolders of the selected folder.

Advanced Search

If you want to perform more complex search, using "AND / OR" operators, then click the "Advanced Search" Advanced search button button on the toolbar. After that, select a field, search condition and click "Add to the list"- this will create one search criteria. You can create multiple search criterias and combine them using logical operators "AND / OR":

Using advanced search

If necessary, you can remove individual fields from the search criterias list by clicking the "Remove" or "Remove all" buttons. Depending on the type of the field search criteria may be different. For example, for a dictionary field, the system prompts you to select a value from the appropriate dictionary.

If you want to search in subfolders, select a corresponding option "Search in subfolders". If needed, you can display hidden fields of the document. In this case, simply check "Show hidden fields" option and you'll see all available fields. Some of them are normally hidden from the user to simplify the usability of this quite complex component.

Exporting Search Results

Search results can be exported to MS Excel. Additionally, it's possible to export all documents attachments to the file system. To export the search results select the corresponding context menu item:

Export search results

If you select "Export to Excel", a dialog will appear:

Export wizard

Here, you need to select the path for export and click "Next". The system will create an Excel file with columns, which titles will correspond to the titles of columns in the FossLook client. If you need to change something in the order of columns and / or their content, simply adjust the view in corresponding FossLook folder.

If you need to export attachments from the documents, choose the corresponding context menu item in the dialog, specify a folder for export and click "Next". As a result, the copies of the attached files will be created in a specified folder.

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