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  • What Is an Electronic Document Management System?

    Electronic Document Management - is the process of managing different kinds of documents in the organization. Document management starts from their production (scanning, receiving by e-mail, etc.), th...

  • Document's card description

    Document's card view depends on the document type, customized functions and user rights to work with this document. A coloring model for all of the document's fields highlighting is used within the do...

  • Field Types Supported in FossLook Documents

    Each FossLook document consists of a set of fields, tabs and attached files.

  • How to automatically fill in the document fields

    Starting with version 5.4, you can configure auto-field filling documents specified values. In this case, create a new document that will open its card, some of the fields will be filled already. How ...

  • How to Add Calculated Fields to Your Document

    In this article i'd like to introduce you to the absolutely brilliant new feature of FossLook - field calculation! Let's shed some light on this new function of the platform and see how you can use it...

  • How to Create a Custom Document Type

    Creating document types in fosslook is very simple. For example, you have a real document "Auto Loan Agreement", and you want to create its digital representation within the system. Let's look at the ...

  • Working with Document Libraries

    Technically speaking, document library is a set of document types, folders, dictionaries, and other objects. But for simplicity, you can think of it as a virtual analog of a file cabinet.

  • Linking Related Documents to Each Other

    One of the most common tasks in FossLook is grouping together related documents. There are many scenarios, when you might need to group documents related to each other. You have a couple of options...

  • Linked documents

    If you need to link documents together, use the “Related Documents” tab which is available in the document's card of the FossLook EDS platform. Now you can open one document from another document.

  • Virtual folders

    First create appropriate folder within the structure of your folders

  • Movement of the document

    All documents sent by the route come to “Incoming” folder of employee.

  • How to Publish a Document in FossLook

    Starting from version 5.5. users can publish any documents to a certain folders, giving the opportunity for other users and user groups to see them.

  • Using Document Search in FossLook

    FossLook client program allows users to search for documents stored in the database. The search field is located at the top of the client window. It has a multitude of search options available to the ...

  • How to Delete Document Libraries and Types in FossLook

    You can remove created document types from the system. To do this, just select the type of document you created in your library and click "Delete":

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