Purpose and Functions of the FossLook EDMS Platform

FossLook is a powerful, yet easy to use platform that allows you to easily create your custom business automation solutions, keep all aspects of your business in one secure place, collaborate on documents using web and desktop software.

It gives you the possibility to control your business from start to finish, allowing your entire team to work more efficiently. And if you can control it, that means you can just spin the wheel and steer your ship in the right direction.

Using FossLook, customer can solve a problem of documents storage, collaboration, such as approval, execution and inspection, and many others.

Our company offers custom solutions built on the FossLook platform. You can find more information about them in the "Solutions" section of our site.

FossLook can be used in any organization that uses a large number of documents and needs to simplify the collaboration process on them. You can create your own solutions that are easily accessible to anyone in organization.

Secure Document Storage

If the organization does not use any automation system for documents processing, then they are usually simply stored within the employees PC's file systems. That leads to problems with search, access permissions, the movement between employees and many others. Using FossLook, anyone can easily solve all of these problems simply by creating the following storage structure:

FossLook documents storage

Flexible Permissions

FossLook provides the ability to restrict access to the documents storage in such a manner that different users can see various folders as well as various documents. For example, the "H.R. Director" has "Full access" to the folder "Application form", but the user "H.R. Manager" can only view them("Reviewer"), and everyone else simply don't see this folder at all. Also, each user can customize the folder views to their preferences.

Access settings in FossLook

Custom Document Types

Using FossLook platform, you can easily create custom document types with any number of fields. All documents that are stored in FossLook database are described with a certain set of characteristics. Each FossLook document is presented as:

  • a set of Fields;
  • a set of tabs;
  • attached files.
Basic document structure

Document's fields describe all necessary information about it, such as "Date", "Number", "Version", etc. A set of tabs allows users to perform certain actions on them, such as "Route document for approval", "Add to archive", "View history and statistics", etc. You also have the ability to attach any number of files to it, using "Attachments" tab. Attachments may represent the text of the document itself or a scanned copy of its original.

Actions on the Document

FossLook allows to perform the certain set of actions on any document such as:

  • routing for approval, execution, or acquaintance.
  • routing using workflow templates.
Actions that can be performed with the document

History and Statistics

If you want to know who and when made changes to the document, external modules "Statistics" and "History" can help you to do that.

Document's history and statistics

Digital signature

FossLook allows users to sign the document as well as any attached file with Electronic Digital Signature (EDS). Users can sign the entire document, as well as individual fields of the document or it's attachments. A variety of different crypto providers can be used with FossLook EDS external module.

Digital signature in FossLook

Linking Documents Together

FossLook has the ability to link documents automatically using the selected key field. All documents that have a key field will be displayed in a separate "Autolinks" tab automatically.

Linking documents in FossLook


If you lead email conversations on the document, all your messages are automatically attached to it.

All your emails are linked on the 'Mainling' tab

System Administration Functions

FossLook provides powerful administration system that allows:

Virtual Structure of the Company

Structure of the organization

User Groups

User groups in FossLook

Access to Folders and Documents

Access control settings and permissions

In this article we have summarized the main features of the FossLook system. These features can solve a wide range of tasks related to documents processing. To get familiar with all of the FossLook features in details you may refer to other website articles.

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