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Additional Features

  • Integration with Active Directory

    Today many companies have already set up Windows domains in their network. When implementing a business automation systems, usually existing domain users are created on the server. This process can be...

  • FossLook EDMS: text snippets

    When you work with lots of documents it's often necessary to insert some short pieces of text into the document's fields. This feature implemented in FossLook in form of "Text snippets". For example, ...

  • FossLook Calendar

    Do you know what holiday is next Wednesday? How about two Wednesdays from now? Wednesday of the next month? Wednesday of the next year?

  • Exporting and Importing Data With FossLook

    Import/Export is a powerful feature that allows you to export data to other applications, process them and import back into FossLook.

  • Configuring FossLook to work with MySQL

    MySQL is easy to use, yet extremely powerful, secure, and scalable. And because of its small size and speed, it is the ideal database solution

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