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FossLook text snippets

Using text snippets

When you work with lots of documents it's often necessary to insert some short pieces of text into the document's fields. This feature implemented in FossLook in form of "Text snippets". For example, when you fill in the task form, in the text field you can hit the "Insert" key

Inserting text snippet

and the window with all available text snippets will show up.

List of text snippets

Double-click the snippet you want and it will be inserted into the task field. Then, you can edit the text, or add any necessary information to the task.

Text snippet inserted in the text field

The text snippets are divided into groups.

Groups of text snippets

When you select a group, the list of all text snippets included within this group will be displayed.

Group of text snippets

Also you can perform a fast contextual snippet search.

Contextual snippet search

Moreover, there is another way to quickly paste a text snippet(-s). You have to enter a replacement shortcut (for example "1") for text substitution in the appropriate document's field.

Text snippet replacement shortcut

and then press "Insert" key, - text snippet will be pasted into the field.

Quick replacement of the text snippet

Setting up text snippets

Users, who are in a built-in user group "Text snippet operators", can create, delete or modify text snippets.

User groups list

To create a text snippet, you have to open a text snippets window, by pressing "Insert" key, and then press "Add" button.

Creating a text snippet

When creating / editing any text snippet, you should pay attention to which group this text snippet will be saved. Also, you should select a convenient replace shortcut (text code) for the current text snippet.

Text snippets editing window

Likewise, you can create or edit text snippets by clicking  Button for editing groups of text snippets   button.

Text snippets editing window

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