Integration with Active Directory

Use AD integration module to easily import users from Windows domain into FossLook

Today many companies have already set up Windows domains in their network. When implementing a business automation systems, usually existing domain users are created on the server. This process can be quite time consuming, especially in large corporations.

To make this process more smooth and easy, we created a special module called "Integration with Active Directory", which allows administrator to seamlessly import domain users into FossLook server.

One of the cool features this module allows you to do is to login to FossLook client without entering any kind of login or password. A very useful feature, I think. Just start the application and press "Connect".

Login Dialogue to FossLook EDMS using the Windows domain login

In order to use this feature you need to make sure that you have the following settings:

  • FossLook user login matches his login in the Windows domain.
  • The computer with the FossLook server is located in the Windows domain.
  • External module "Integration with Active Directory" is connected and working.

Instead of typing user name and password every time you simply run the FossLook client and click "Connect" to enter the system. Super awesome and easy!

This approach is also useful for the system administrator, as it allows users to have the same password both in the Windows domain and in FossLook EDMS.

Let's take a closer look at how to set up and use this module in your organization.

Active Directory Module

All right, the first thing you need to do is to run FossLook Administrator and make sure that the external module was started.

External module Import from AD

If for some reason you don't see this module in the list, you need to manually connect it (make sure it's listed in your license file before doing that). Although, now it's a part of the default FossLook installation package, so, most likely, it'll already be connected.

"Import from Active Directory" wizard

Of course, you can manually create users in FossLook server, specify their logins and other parameters, but it's much easier to do this using Active Directory wizard.

You can run FossLook Administrator (Extended) mode from the Windows Start menu, then select Active Directory wizard by clicking on it in the "Tools" menu:

Opening the AD Import Wizard

A screen with "Import users from Active Directory" on it will appear. Just select your domain in the left tree, and you'll see all your domain users list.

Selecting users for import

You can specify the department and login for imported users, as well as define their role and position.

Departments which will be used should be created beforehand.

You can fill in the parameters for a single employee, then check a couple of others and apply settings to them using the context menu:

Applying setting to all selected users

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