Configuring FossLook to Work With MySQL

FossLook can work with various databases. Try to use in with this one.

Let’s look at how to install the free MySQL database and how to configure FossLook to work with it.

Installing and configuring MySQL

1) Download the free version of MySQL Community Server, select the required installation on the official website of the product. Unzip and run the installation of the MySQL server. Click “Next”:

First page of the MySQL setup wizard

2) Accept the license agreement, click “Next”:

End-User License Agreement

3) Select "Typical":

Choosing MySQL setup type

4) Click “Install”:

Now we're ready to install MySQL

5) Close the MySQL Enterprise window, it will not be needed anymore:

Finishing setup preparation

6) Select the checkbox to start the wizard configuration, and click “Finish”

MySQL installation final page

7) Select the standard setting and click “Next”:

Instance configuration page

8) Choose the MySQL service name and check the “Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH”:

Setting environment variables

9) Enter the Administrator password:

Setting administrative access to the site

10) Click “Execute”:

Finishing MySQL instance configuration

After all the actions were completed, click “Finish”.

11) You need to edit the file my.ini, which is located in the C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5:

  • a) In the [mysql] section, instead of the default-character-set = latin1 line, insert the line: default-character-set=utf8
  • b) In the [mysqld] section insert the line: max_allowed_packet=64M
  • c) instead of the line character-set-server = latin1 insert the line: character-set-server = utf8
  • d) instead of the line innodb_buffer_pool_size = 18M insert the line: innodb_buffer_pool_size = 500M
Setting up my ini configuration settings

12) You must restart the MySQL server:

MySQL Windows service restart

13) Download and run the installation of the MySQL-workbench from this link. At the start, the installer checks availability of the C++ 2010 and the .Net Framework 4.0. If they are not found, a message appears:

Installation warning Installation warning

Click “OK” and “Download Perquisites” to download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package, Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile and install it:

Not all components were installed

14) Restart the installation of the MySQL Workbench and click “Next”

Launching setup wizard again

15) Select the “Complete” installation and click “Next”

Selecting complete install

Setting up a FossLook server

1) Run FossLookServerSetup.msi and click “Next”:

FossLook Server installation wizard

2) Accept the license agreement and click “Next”:

Selecting mode for server installation

3) After the server installation, the setup wizard starts FossLook configurator

You have to enter the server name, the path to the license file and the network port. Click “Next”:

Configurator parameters

4) Select MySQL as a data storage provider:

Selecting the data provider for FossLook server

5) Next, configure the connection to the MySQL server:

Entering connection string settings
  • Server - you must specify the name of the machine where the MySQL server is installed. If it is installed on the same machine as FossLook, then leave the ip-address of the local machine
  • Database – You can change the database name, or leave it as it is.
  • User ID – default user
  • Password – the same password as when you installed the MySQL server.

Click “Next”.

6) In the confirmation window, click “Next”:

FossLook installation confirmation dialog

7) After the wizard finishes, click “Finish”

Last page of the FossLook configuration wizard

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