5 Creative Ways to Use FossLook for Business and Not Only

FossLook platform in general is very flexible and can be used for various different tasks.

There are so many ways to use the application, apart from the traditional document management, that the sky is the limit here.

In this article we wanted to share some of them that come to mind. Quite possible, that for someone who already using the platform this article will be an unexpected surprise. However, someone who is new to FossLook, may discover a new tool that will simplify their business processes and make them more streamlined.

So, here is a handful of the use cases that may be interesting to check out.

Stock Image Repository

Probably one of the most valuable and widely used functions of FossLook platform is data storage.

The system allows you to store any data type you want, be it music, video, archives or any other available files on your computer. Among the variety of options here, one that looks pretty interesting here is the creation of your own personal stock image library.

Having a library of immediately available images could not only increase your productivity but also help you create a more professional looking blog posts and social media updates.

Here’s how to do this in FossLook:

  1. Create a library dedicated to stock photos.
  2. Create a document type for a certain type of images. (For example, 'Quotes Images', 'Landscape Images')
  3. Share document folder for the users in your system.

Now, every time you find a new interesting image just create a document type and attach an image to it. You can organize them however you want.

Here's some places where you can grab images for your library:

Using FossLook as a stock photo collection

Editorial Calendar

FossLook could help you stick to your weekly (or even monthly) blogging plan.

In order to set your reminders:

  1. Go to "Recurring Tasks" library and create a reminder folder there.
  2. Share this folder with your FossLook user account.
  3. Create a reminders for the time when you need to write an article or a blog post.

Then, when the time will come, you'll be notified with a task that will appear in your "Inbox" folder.

Using FossLook an editorial calendar

Using an application like FossLook can help you streamline your writing process. You can prepare and add all necessary materials like images, urls, and other files to the reminder beforehand. And then, at a specified time, simply start writing.

Share Documents / Files With Your Team

If you have lots of documents and files that need to be shared with your coworkers, you've got an easy solution for your problem.

All you have to do is to select a document or a file, go to the "Access" tab and give access to your colleagues.

Moreover, you can separately setup permission level for each user. This will allow you to protect your document from unwanted changes.

Using FossLook to collaborate on files

You can even share whole document libraries! Let’s say you want to create a collaborative library of customer questions, and have people add new questions or edit the existing ones. You could have created a shared library called "Customer Questions" within your department and grant access to it for the group "Everyone".

Keep Your Contact List

FossLook has a "Correspondents and contacts" dictionary that allows you to create and store your contacts information in convenient and searchable form. You can keep your contact's name, address, phone, email, fax and other data.

Using FossLook to keep your contacts

This comes in handy, for example, whenever you want to email somebody, and you don't remember their email address. In FossLook you can simply create an email and select your contact as the recipient in your message. This feature is also convenient because all your messaging are being stored in a secure database, so you don't need to worry about the safety of your communication.

Computer Hardware Database

If you own a small shop where you sell computer parts it's very convenient to use FossLook as a hardware database.

After you create a database of available equipment, it's very easy to find out if certain part is in stock now or not. Just simply perform a quick search on the "Availability" field and you'll get your results.

Using FossLook to keep track of the hardware in your store

Clicking on the item from the list will open detailed information about it, or if you want you can see it by enabling the preview window.

Over to You!

If you're using FossLook in some unusual and interesting way, are there additional tips or tricks you can share? We would love to hear them in the comments.

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