Increase Productivity by Keeping All Correspondence in One Place

To say that life of a marketing manager is simple and predictable would be an absolute lie. So many distracting factors, the situation on the market may change in absolutely unpredictable way. All this leads to the fact that you aren't able to complete any task in time.

Exactly during these moments you should think about automating your work or at least some parts of it. FossLook mail integration is one of the ways to work more effective for those who are working with a lot of correspondence.

Note: If you're interested in general principles of the productive work with email, I'd recommend you to read this article: How to Keep Your Corporate Email Under Control In the current atricle we're going to discuss a specific functionality of the platform called "Mail integration".

What It's All About?

Company employees, who work with customers or partners, are normally work in a some kind of CRM system. This approach isn't quite inconvenient: the employee needs to have a part of his written communication in the mail application, and the other part - in CRM. And then, if he needs to lookup some information, he has to constantly switch between these systems, which, I'm sure you'll agree, is a tremendous headache.

Not to mention that now you have a place in which an employee may make a mistake. For example, if an employee received a letter from a client in the mail and forgot to copy it to the CRM-system, that information is now gone! And the client is still waiting for a response, which he'll never going to get because of a simple negligence. This obviously will lead to the worsening relationship with the client, or he simply may use the services of your competitors.

Effective CRM system protects users from small frustrating errors like that. In FossLook you can avoid these errors by using mail integration features.

Integration with e-mail is a built-in feature of the FossLook platform. You can view all correspondence with the customer in the "Mailing" tab of the document. With this feature you don't need to constantly switch between applications, you can just simply send your emails right from the document. The client won't see the difference, he'll receive a message in his "Inbox" as usual.

What Are the Benefits?

History of correspondence at your fingertips

FossLook will keep all your messages in one place

FossLook stores all your correspondence with clients in the "Mailing" tab of the document. Every new email about this document will be automatically added to this tab.

The client won't notice any changes

Your clients will feel like they're the most important part of your job

When you enable this feature, your customers won't see any difference in communication. While you're getting huge benefits in productivity.

You will never miss a single email

This feature will allow you to never miss a single message

With this feature enabled you can be sure to never miss a single email from your customers. The system will immediately notify you when you have a new mail.

The most important benefit of this feature is - storing all correspondence with customers in one secure location. FossLook automatically collects all your emails in the "Mailing" tab of the corresponding document, thus increasing your business productivity.

So, now, If you want to write a letter to your customer concerning this document, you can do it right from the "Mailing" tab. There's no need to open any additional email application for that. But even if you still decided to do it the old way, from the mailing app, FossLook will collect your messages in this tab automatically.

Now the whole history of relations with the client is at your fingertips.

Correspondence with the customer is available to anyone who has the appropriate access rights.

For example, a sales director can have access to the all correspondence with the client, but somebody from the IT department, who does not work with customers, doesn't see all communication. Setting permissions is not a big deal and won't take you a lot of time.

How to Set It Up?

To be able to work with email, you need to have a configured mailbox. More on configuring a mailbox you can read in our atricle Configuring Additional Mailbox in FossLook. Once you have that set up, you can enable email integration function of the document in FossLook Administrator. Simply open the document type, and check "Mailing" checkbox. And that's basically all you have to do.

Enabling mailing feature of the document

Integration with e-mail keeps all your correspondence in one place. This saves you a lot of time because you don't have to switch between email application and FossLook client. At the same time, you are guaranteed not to lose any valuable information.

'Mailing' tab for keeping all your correspondence

Now, when you receive an email on this document, you can read and answer it right from the document, thus being in context of previous conversations.

I Don't Work with Clients, What's in It for Me?

Of course not everyone in the company works with clients. It seems like for them this feature is absolutely useless. But it's not true.

Quite often, employees of the company have correspondence with suppliers, partners or freelancers. If the employee enables this feature, he'll immediately be notified on incoming email and will be able to quickly respond to it. In any case, the use of the mail integration will always lead to the productivity improvement.

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