Recurring Tasks


Often user needs to be reminded about something: for example, about the meeting or about any problems with a specific document. This functionality implemented in FossLook by means of the external module named "Recurring Tasks". If you want to use this functionality, you need to connect this module manually after installation of the system.

If you have a task that will happen every couple of days or every month — any regular schedule, really — FossLook can help you create it as a recurring task, so you only have to set it up once.

Setting up Recurring Tasks

Okay, let's go ahead and connect the "Recurring task" module. In FossLook Administrator select "External modules" tab and click "Connect new module" button. Then, click "Connect" in the next dialog.

Connecting recurring task external module

When you first start "Recurring Tasks" module it creates the library of "Recurring Tasks".

Recurring tasks library

There are basically two ways to use recurring tasks.

Recurring Tasks That Are Linked to the Document

In this case all you have to do is open a document type and select the "Recurring task" function.

Recurring tasks function in the document

Once you've done that, you can log in to the client, open your document, go to the "Recurring tasks" tab and create a recurring task.

Recurring tasks creation

Standalone Recurring Tasks Folder

If you plan to work with recurring tasks not related to any documents, such as simple reminders, this variant will work for you. In this case you have to create a folder for recurring tasks in the library, and give access to it for certain users in your system.

Creating recurring tasks folder

for example, you can give it a name "John's recurring tasks".

Folder naming

Next, set permissions for this folder. Permission Level for each user can be different:

Setting up access levels

Then, users who have been given access to the folder, will be able to create random tasks that are not connected with the documents in the client application.

Standalone recurring task

Working With Recurring Tasks

When you create a reminder in your "Recurring tasks" folder, the system will automatically send a task to your "Incoming messages" folder when the start time will come. By default, the recipient of this task is it's author, but you can assign it to other users of the system.

Recurring task general view

You also can select different recurrence patterns:

Recurrency patterns

All active recurring tasks are marked with the checkbox "Enabled":

Active status

When the start time will come, the system will automatically create tasks for selected users,

Task created by the system

which will come into the user's "Incoming messages" folder:

Task in the Inbox folder

To create a recurring task linked with the doc0ument, select the "Recurring Tasks" tab in the document and create required task:

Creating recurring task linked to the document

When the start time will come, you'll receive the task which will open the linked document:

Recurring tasks which opened the document

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