«For examination» order

Order preparation

To send a document for examination by your employee(-s), you have to choose the corresponding order's type

choose the executor(-s) of the order

fill in a text of the order, the period of its execution

and launch an execution route if you aren't going to edit this route. However, if the route nevertheless was launched, until the executor(-s) of the order are not familiar with it yet, the order can be edited.

Order execution

The exact execution of the order having "For examination" type is not required. At the time of its discovery by executor(-s), the system automatically considers it is executed, as the executor(-s) have examined the document.

Order control by the Author

To send order to the executor has to launch the route, if it wasn't launched automatically. At the time of sending order the color changes to blue, and order state can be seen by hovering a cursor to him

After executor(-s) examination of the document to which it was sent, the color changes to green and marked with examination date and time.

«For execution (auto close) order»

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