Providing access to folders with documents

Access to folder can provide system administrator or user with appropriate permissions.

When folder is created, it inherits parent’s properties. To provide access to a folder to particular user or group of users you need to break this inheritance.

Breaking inheritance from a parent object

By breaking inheritance administrator can provide access to users or group of users explicitly specifying them.

Providing the folder's access level to a specific user

Users who are listed at “Access” tab of appropriate folder will see this folder in their root folder and will have appropriate access level to this folder.

User's root folder

Users who have rights to grant access can grant necessary access level to themselves by clicking

Providing user access to other users

If you want user to see folder in the folder hierarchy, and not in the root folder, then it should not be added to the “Access” tab and he should be given the appropriate “permissions” by right-clicking on the folder.

Folder permissions

After providing “Permissions” folder hierarchy of user will looks as follows.

User's folders hierarchy after setting up permissions

It is possible to specify access levels to work with a folder using the “Permissions” context menu.

Detalization of access level in “Permissions” menu

You can customize additional options of permissions by clicking .

Additional permissions settings

Note that only users who have rights to change permissions on the folder can manage rights of other users to this folder. For example, user with access level “Read” can’t manage rights of other users.

Features to manage access levels

Delegation of powers of the employee

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