FossLook User Groups

FossLook has a number of built-in user groups that give users certain permissions and ability to use different features of the system. System Administrator can add or remove user from the group. He can also create a custom user group, that will have unique functionality within the company's solution. To start working with groups open FossLook Administrator and select "Groups".

Managing User Groups menu in FossLook Administrator

Built-in user groups

Built-in user groups are already embedded within the system and for the most part provide access to different system functionalities.

Group name Description
Administrators Users in this group have full access rights to the FossLook system
Data Scheme Operators This group includes users who have rights to add/update/delete data schemes (document types, folders, etc.)
Text Snippet Operators Members of this group can edit, create and delete text snippets (predefined phrases or sentences, that can be quickly inserted into a document)
History and Statistics Operators These users can view document's history and statistics
Workflow Templates Operators Members of this group are able to create workflow templates
Shared Folders Editors Members of this group are able to create shared folders and assign access rights to these folders
Executive Shared Folders Editors Members of this group can create shared folders in the root folder
Human Resource Department A group of users who can view and edit the personal information of employees, such as description, photos, and e-mail addresses
All This group includes all users

Managing user groups

System administrator can create a custom user group and add users to this group.

To do this, click add group button button,

enter group name, description and add users to the group.

So, in FossLook user groups help keep users of the system organized and structured.

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