Version 5.4


We are glad to inform you on FossLook version 5.4 release.

Following possibilities are realised in this version:

  • procedure of adjustment of the signature of the document by means of ЭЦП Has changed. Now you can independently choose, what fields of the document to sign the digital signature and what - are not present. In detail question of adjustment ЭЦП is considered in to article .
  • There was a possibility of adjustment of automatic filling of fields values by default. For the given values the special bookmark on the form for editing of a field of the document is entered. is more detailed...
  • In the document of type "Commission" on a bookmark "Object" there was a field "Author of closing of the commission" where always it is possible to see who was the initiator of closing of the given commission.
  • If the document contains some the attached files, at a document capture on editing now there is no blocking of all attached files. Only during the moment when any user opens the attached file, it is blocked from changes from other users.
  • the point of the menu "Press" on a bookmark "the attached files" document cards Is added. The given point also is accessible from the contextual menu of the chosen file. Thus, you can send a file on the press, without opening it.
  • In dialogues of the Master of a choice of users "the Personal list" is called now "Selected works". Its appointment remains former.
  • Now the employee with the status distinct from "is active" is not displayed any more in dialogues of the Master of sending of commissions and at a choice of the user in the fields connected with a system directory of employees.
  • the mechanism of updating of the software of a workplace of the user - appendices FossLook Client Has changed. Whether Now at connection to an application server program FossLook Client checks the server version was updated. If the version differs from previous, the program will automatically update the components in conformity with the server version. The given components client ON now are delivered together with the server.
  • By means of the form of the entering message now it is possible to add directly the addressee in the contact book. Simply choose from the contextual menu of a field "From" point "to Add in contacts".
  • the error of the Master of import of users from Active Directory (incorrectly finished works at a considerable quantity of imported records) Is corrected.
  • possibility of a choice of other user Is eliminated by the author of the commission (if your user does not consist in special group to which it is authorised).
  • possibility of removal of root objects (Library of documents, the General objects, System directories etc.) in the program of the expanded administration Is blocked.
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