Creating MySQL Database Backup and Restoring Data

Have you created your backup?
Backup allows you to keep all important data of your company in one place. It can be used to restore the original state after a data loss event.

Exporting a Database

To backup the MySQL database of your FossLook server, in the Windows start menu select "FOSS / MYSQL Backup". The dialog of the Solution Deployer Wizard will appear:

Click "Next" in the following dialog, select the "Export solution" option :

In the next dialog, enter the name and a path of the file for the backup:

Then choose the solution for export:

In the next dialog, confirm the settings you've made earlier and click "Next":

Wait until the wizard finishes it's tasks.

As a result, the entire contents of the solution database will be copied to the selected file in * .sql format.

Importing Data Into the Database

Previously saved MySQL database backup in .sql format can be restored into any new FossLook solution. To do this, run the MySQL Backup Wizard again, select the second option "Import solution":

Next, select the previously saved file with the FossLook solution in * .sql format:

Choose the solution into which you want to restore the database

In the next dialog confirm the settings. Then, the Wizard will restore the solution database from the copy. Wait until the wizard finishes it's tasks and you're ready to work with the server.
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