Template preparation

To create template you need to choose “Library” and edit document type for which you want to create template.

Then choose Templates tab and click “Create”.

Next enter template’s name, save it and click

this will run Microsoft Word. In Microsoft Word we will prepare document's text and decide where to put values from Document Entry.

Then you need to choose Word’s Add-On tab

If you need to insert field from current document then click . If you've selected a child document and you need to insert field from parent document then click . In this example, we will consider the preparation of a template for the parent document, so click and get list of all fields from the Document.

Next, place cursor in Microsoft Word window to desired location, select Field and click

If you need to insert embedded fields then expand appropriate item of field's tree, for example “Correspondent”. You can insert or not insert name of the field in the text of document. This feature is controlled by checkbox at the insertion form.

Also you can insert tables. To insert table click and select desired fields of table.

As result you will get template ready to print documents.

This template displayed on tab “Templates”. You can create unlimited number of templates for each document type.

Printing by template

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