Version 7.0


FossLook 7.0 is here! We’re glad to announce that we released new version of FossLook Business Automation Platform.

The new version contains many fixes and improvements to the server and client side.

Tasks folders

The new "Employee Executor with Minimum Folders" template contains separate folders for tasks.

Task colors highlighting

The library "Routing of documents" has made new adjustments, as it will allow you to see the additional stitching with a color.

Replace executor in template workflows

It is now possible to automatically replace one employee with another in workflow templates (wizard in the "Document Routing" library).

User password policy and automatic account lockout

A new element has appeared in the "System Directories" - "Password Policy", in which you can adjust the complexity of passwords, as well as the conditions of blocking in case of trying to brute force a password.

You can download the latest version from our Download page.

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