Version 6.5

We are happy to announce that new version of FossLook (6.5) was releassed


FossLook 6.5 is here! We’re glad to announce that we released new version of FossLook Business Automation Platform. Our developers have worked hard to bring you absolutely amazing new feature - field calculations. You can download the latest version from our Download page.

Here are some of the new features and fine-tunings:

Calculated fields

If you're working with documents like Invoices and Quotes, you need to have the ability to perform arithmetic operations with numeric fields. Guess what, now you can! FossLook now allows you to handle low-level calculations and even use some functions like summ, abs and others.

At the moment calculations can be performed only for numeric and currency field types, but in future we may support other types of fields. If you want to know more about this feature, head over to our "Using Field Calculations in FossLook" article and learn how to use it to perform your calculation tasks.

Setting up fields calculation in FossLook

Send attachments via email

Sometimes you need to mail someone all attachments of the particular document. Previously you'd need to create a new email and then manually copy every attachment into it. Now, you can simply select all attachments using Shift + click, and then select "New message" from the context menu. The system will prepare a new email with all selected attachments. Definitely a very convenient feature.

Note: this feature only works if your document has mailing function.

Sending attachments via email

Printing multiple templates at once

If you have multiple printing templates attached to the one document, previously, to print them, you'd need to go over each individual template and print them separately. Now you can do this in one gulp. Just Shift + click them all and press "Choose".

How to print multiple word templates at once

Create document from context menu

Now, whenever we right-click on any folder in folders tree, we get "New document" menu which allows us to create new document. It really speeds up document creation.

New ability to create a document using right click

Text snippets now available in web client

Text snippets: If you need to insert the same piece of text in your document over and over, you can create a text snippet for it. Then, you can use the shortcut + Insert to quickly insert it into the document.

Text fragments for web client

Other small improvements

Of course, the new version has a number of the less important features:

  • added icon set for document libraries.
  • added the ability to create MySQL backups using command line interface.
  • new task that unlocks locked system objects daily.
  • filestream mode configuration now resides in App.config file.
  • library export now includes printing templates.
  • added object deployment plugin.
  • performance optimization of the entire system.
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