Version 6.4

We are happy to announce that new version of FossLook (6.4) was releassed


FossLook 6.4 is here! This release has been mostly about bug fixes, minor client improvements, and documentation updates on the site. You can download the latest version from our Download page.

Here are some of the highlights:

Suspicious files warning

Recently, the number of viruses that are coming as an email attachments increased, causing all sorts of problems for accountants who are using FossLook.

We fixed this problem in the new version. Now, If the zip archive contains some executable files (".exe", ".js" etc.), FossLook will warn you about it when you try to open them or save them on your computer. In this way, the probability of getting a virus or a trojan through FossLook is very low.

Security warning when opening a suspicious archive

Relocate department function

If the structure of your organization has changed, you now have the ability to relocate department in the departments tree.

Relocating department in the departments tree

Sending email directly to the correspondent

Now you can send an email to the correspondents directly from the FossLook Client. If these correspondents have a contact person with email address, the system will send a message to those addresses.

Sending an email to the correspondent directly

System objects recovery

This function will help you to recover deleted system objects. For example, let's imagine a situation where someone was learning the system and accidentally deleted the system dictionary, or any kind of system object that is required for normal operation. This problem can't be fixed by simply rebooting the system.

By pressing "Reload system objects", you'll reload all the modules and the objects, thus recovering everything that was accidentally removed.

System objects recovery

Relocating users to another department

This function allows you to immediately move all users from one department to another. Very convenient, for example, when the department was disbanded, and you need to relocate employees to another one.

Relocating users to another department

Default folder view generation

Now, if you create a document type or add/remove field from the existing one, system regenerates the default view in the document folder. It also adds a new column "Creation time". All documents in that folder will be sorted in descending order (new documents will be at the top).

Generating a default view in the system

Other small bugfixes

Of course, the new version has a few bug-fixes included. Here are some of them:

  • added the ability to set up email account to send a messages in the workflow settings.
  • "My Documents" folder finally will work correctly with the custom document types.
  • fixed a bug in the user replacement controller.
  • fixed the crash when connecting an external module.
  • fixed department relocation into it's parent.
  • added a new system task "Server logs packaging".
  • performance optimization of the entire system (ACL).
  • system libraries now don't have "Access" folder.
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