Version 5.6


We are glad to inform you on FossLook version 5.6 release.

The new version has the following new features:

  • Administrator and other users in the built-in group "workflow protection settings" now have the ability to protect the workflow and certain route points from modification. Users can specify which attributes of the workflow can be modified and which actions can be performed with the route points. This protection will work as long as the workflow has not been started. Once the workflow is launched - any modification is disabled by default. For more information about the workflows refer to the article "Working with workflows". Workflow protection settings
  • Added a button Copy attachments into the task on the task toolbar, which lets users to copy attached files from the document into the task. This feature can be useful when working with document approval. In this case, the original attachment remains unchanged, and the changes that users make will be stored in the copied file of the task. Copy attachments into the task
  • Now, every user can create his own library of documents using FossLook Client. to Create library on a workplace of the user
  • Using FossLook Administrator you now have the ability to remove the objects directly from the database, using the context menu commands, called on the selected objects. Also, you can select multiple objects to be deleted. With this feature, for example, the administrator now can easily remove unwanted messages from the common department mailboxes in the database and so on.
  • FossLook users now have a specific document type called "Recurring tasks" with which you can configure periodic reminders about some events, jobs and so forth. Recurring tasks are created in the appropriate folder. Recurring tasks folder Or on a corresponding document tab. Recurring tasks tab You can select several types of recurrency patterns: Recurrency patterns
  • Now you can schedule rights delegation. It is possible to specify the term of delegation, therefore, you can plan when and who will perform the duties of other employees in your organization when they, for example, on vacation. Delegation plan
  • Added a new feature - Create a workflow copy. When you create a copy of the workflow, it will not start automatically and will be available for editing. Create a workflow copy
  • Members of the group "Execution operators" can now cancel any part of the workflow.
  • The update mechanism of the FossLook Client has been changed. Client now updates automatically using plugins system, if the server was updated.
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