Version 5.5


We are glad to inform you on FossLook 5.5 release.

The new version has the following features:

  • Added a new field type "Child document". In contrast to the "Child documents" type, this field type is displayed as a link to a single document, rather than as a tab with links to several documents. Child document field type
  • Added a "Create" button on the "Links to the documents" tab, that allows you to create specific documents directly in the folder, specified in the settings of the field. Previously it was possible to only attach the existing documents.
  • Create document button
  • Added a new workflow point - "Publication point". In the point settings you can setup a publication folder. This feature also changes the access rights inheritance of the document, so it needs to be used very carefully.
  • Improved functionality of the "Messaging" tab. Now you can see not only messages created by you, but also the replies to them.
  • When you first install the FossLook Administrator and run it, connection dialog now automatically suggests you to login as system Administrator.
  • FossDoc Administrator and Client shortcuts now placed on the desktop after installation.
  • Redesigned "Change owner and inheritance" dialogue. It has become more convenient and user friendly.
  • Bugfixes - now function "Apply to all users" in the Preferences dialog of the FossLook Client works correctly.
  • Autocomplete of the "To" field on the "Messaging" tab now works correctly.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the mail transport, etc..
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