Version 5.3


The new version has the following features:

  • Changes in the FossLook licensing policy. Now, each new version will have it's own license file, that users would have to download and use with the product. For those who have purchased FossLook on a commercial basis and pays for support services, the new license file is available on request free of charge.
  • Automatic documents numbering is added. If one of the numerators is chosen, the document's numeration will be done according to selected numeration algorithm: Automatic numbering of documents All newly created documents will automatically get a number: Automatically generated document number
  • Associates in tasks. Now, you can assign one task to several executors: Task associates
  • Version control. With the new feature "Document with version", system now maintains version control for documents and files. All versions are stored in the "Versions journal" tab: Document version control
  • Empty folder menu. Added a new context menu item, that allows users to clear the contents of the folder: to Clear a folder Removed FossLook
  • Search panel. Added a new search panel at the top of the "Select users or groups" dialog: Search panel
  • Password policy settings. Now, you can set up settings like password complexity, expiration time, and others: Password policy
  • "History" update. Module "History" now records changes in the attachments: Changes in the file history
  • Virtual folder that can perform "Whole database" search. You can find all documents using search condition regardless of where they are located. Only Administrator can create such folders.Virtual folder with powerful search features
  • "Remove document from system". Now, if you remove document from system, ("Remove document from system" menu) all its workflows and tasks also will be removed
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