Version 5.2


The new version has the following features:

  • Remove this document from the system menu. Added a new context menu item, that allows users to completely remove a document from the system. If the document has child documents, they will also be deleted. The system displays a warning message before it deletes the document. Remove a document from the system menu item
  • Inactive users icons change. Now, users that are not currently connected to the system, have gray icons. Active users still have red icons. Inactive users icons
  • User status changes. Now, the user has only three statuses: "Active", "Dismissed", "Absent". All system wizards show only the users with the "Active" status. User statuses
  • User password change. FossLook client now has the ability to change the user password. User password change
  • New external module. Added a new external module "Correspondents and contacts" that implements the functionality of storing information about the organizations and the contact persons. Now, when you send a message from the document (if the document has the "Correspondent" associated with it), system will automatically fill in the official address of the correspondent. Correspondents and contacts external module
  • Route by template option. Added a new context menu item, that allows users to route documents using a predefined template. Route document by template
  • New search conditions. When you create virtual folders, now you can use conditions like: "less/greater than today," "less/greater than now," which will allow to filter, for example, outdated tasks, and so forth. New search conditions
  • Folder size information. The "Properties" tab in the mail folders now displays information about the current size and quota (the maximum size allowed for this folder). Folder size and quota information
  • MySQL support. MySQL database support is added. FossLook Server now can work with a MySQL databases.
  • Recurring tasks. You can create a recurring task from the document, even if you don't have acsess to the recurring tasks folder.
  • Improved libraries export. Export of libraries was greatly improved. Now folders, folder types and filters are also being exported .
  • Login form improvements. Login form now "remembers" the last 10 User ID and allows you to select any of them by entering the first character of the username.
  • Task optimization. Task delivery speed was optimised.
  • Access rights bugfixes. Fixed problem with possible conflicts related to access rights.
  • Task bugfixes. Fixed an error in task dates calculation when time was set in relative units.
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