Working with Statistics in FossLook

How to See the Document Statistic

One of the interesting features of FossLook is its ability to generate statistics for a document. The document’s statistics is generated by the system in automatic mode and can show you various information.

There you'll find such information as: last modification time, review time, number of changes made to the document, the name of the user who made this change – what more could you ask for?

Let's take a closer look at how to use this function in your work.

Enabling document's "Statistic" function

If you want to enable statistics collection for the document, you need to open it's document type in the "FossLook Administrator", and select the corresponding function.

Enable statistics of the document to see the information

User Group "Statistics Operators"

To have access to the statistics records, user must be included into an appropriate built in user group . Add a user, who will work with the statistics to this group.

'Statistics operators' user group

Viewing Statistic Records

Once you've done this, your user can now open corresponding tab in the document, and view statistics records. If multiple people worked on a document, you can see what changes they've made. The system keeps separate statistics record for each user.

Checking out statistics of the document

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