Configuring FossLook Client Settings

FossLook client has a number of configuration settings available that can give you substantial control over the behavior of the application. You manage all client settings in FossLook Client application from the "Settings" menu. These settings are applied to the currently logged-in user.

You can configure mail settings, notifications, passwords, delegation etc. Let's look a bit closer at each of these tabs.

To open the settings dialog, select "Tools"/"Settings" from the main menu:

Settings Menu


On the "General" tab you can enable "Multiprocessing support" option. In some cases this option increases system performance when running on multi-core computers.

"Enable file preview" option allows users to preview attached files when opening document.

If you don't want advertising to be displayed every time you login to the client, you can disable it in this section of the client settings.

Note: If you want to disable all advertisements, you need to fill out the form on our feedback page with some info about your project and we'll send you a special license that will allow you to deactivate it.

Settings Menu. General tab


After you install the FossLook client on your machine, the "Notifier" program appears and runs in the system tray. Typically, notifier shortcut is automatically placed in the windows startup folder. The icon Settings Menu. Notifier icon in system tray. indicates that the program was launched and waits for a new notifications.

Even if FossLook client is not running at the moment, the notifier still informs you about the new documents that were sent to you by other people. Also, you can setup additional sound notification.

Notifier settings dialog

You can configure notifier parameters on the "Notifier" tab.

Notifier configuration


This tab for now contains only one option. When this option is enabled, as soon as you report on the document, it's card will be closed.

Task settings in FossLook

Recurring Tasks

This tab for again, contains only one option. Let's say you want every recurring task that you create to have a specific start time by default. This option allows you to do that. And, of course, you always can change it manually later. It basically sets the deafault recurring task time.

Recurring task settings in FossLook


On this tab you can configure encryption plugin settings to encrypt and sign your messages. By default, the system provides two encryption algorithms - S/MIME and PGP. In order to use encryption and / or digital signature in your e-mail, you need to create certificates (electronic keys). Let's select, for example, S/MIME provider, then click "Settings" button below - a settings dialog will appear.

Security settings dialog

Next, select the mailbox for which you want to create a certificate, and then click "Create Certificate" button.

Configuring certificates

Enter the certificate password, click OK and wait until the certificate is created.

Entering certificate password

If you want to use PGP provider, you will have to generate two keys (public and private) in the same way.

Note: To communicate with others using encrypted messages you must first exchange public keys. In order to send encrypted emails to someone, you must have the public key of the recipient. Use "Import certificate" button to import other certificates into the system.


Here you can configure some settings for your outgoing messages, such as "Message Importance", "Message Signature", "Read/Delivery" reports. Click "Parameters" button,

Mail settings dialog

You'll see a dialog, where you can change the outgoing message settings.

Message importance and tracking settings

You can configure the signature of your messages by clicking "Signature" button.

Message signature settings

"HTML / Plain text" drop-down menu and "Font" button allow you to customize the appearance of the outgoing message and its fonts:

Message font and format settings


Foss Look client allows you to connect an external mailbox from,, etc. and use them for the mail correspondence. After connecting the mailbox, user will see all received messages in the personal "Inbox" folder of the FossLook client. You'll also be able to send messages directly from Foss Look client, using your external mailbox account.

If you Click Account Settings,

Accounts settings dialog

the dialog that shows all existing accounts will be opened. Click "Create external mail box".

External mailbox setup

Next, you will see an automatic external account configuration wizard, where you can enter all necessary parameters, such as:

  • username;
  • user's email address (address of the external mailbox);
  • password (for a mailbox on an external server);
  • password confirmation.

However, if you want to change some account settings manually, you can do this by checking "Manually configure account settings" option and clicking "Next".

Automatic external mail server account setup

or, after the automatic configuration, check "Open advanced settings " option, and click "Finish".

Last page of the account configurator

This will open the dialog for manual configuration of an external e-mail account

Manual configuration of your external mail server account, 'General' tab

Next, you can configure the outgoing mail server (SMTP), on 'Outgoing Server' tab:

Manual configuration of your outgoing mail server (SMTP), 'Outgoing Server' tab

and setup additional server settings on 'Advanced' tab:

Additional manual configuration of your external mail server account, 'Advanced' tab


On this tab you can select the file format for the scanned documents.

Scanning tab


Using this icon, you can select users who will perform your duties.

'Rights delegation' tab

Change Password

On this tab you can change your current password.

'Change password' tab

Interface Language

On this tab you can change your current interface language.

Note: You need to restart the client application in order for your changes to take effect.

'Interface language' tab Download
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